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Multiselect Picklists

This sample demonstrates how to work with Multiselect picklists. Since you can select more than one option, the value is a list of string as demonstrated in this Visualforce page:

<apex:page controller="sampleCon">
        <apex:selectList value="{!countries}" multiselect="true">
            <apex:selectOptions value="{!items}"/>

        <apex:commandButton value="Test" action="{!test}" rerender="out" status="status"/>

    <apex:outputPanel id="out">
        <apex:actionstatus id="status" startText="testing...">
            <apex:facet name="stop">
                    <p>You have selected:</p>
                    <apex:dataList value="{!countries}" var="c">{!c}</apex:dataList>

and controller:

public class sampleCon {
	String[] countries = new String[]{};
	public PageReference test() {
		return null;
	public List<SelectOption> getItems() {
		List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
		options.add(new SelectOption('US','US'));
		options.add(new SelectOption('CANADA','Canada'));
		options.add(new SelectOption('MEXICO','Mexico'));
		return options;
	public String[] getCountries() {
		return countries;
	public void setCountries(String[] countries) {
		this.countries = countries;

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