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SOQL Queries

This sample shows some common SOQLs and how to process them in Apex


String queryString = 'select id, parentField1, parentField2, (select Child_FieldName1, Child_FieldName2 from ChildObjectName limit 1) from ParentObject';
SObject[] queryParentObject = Database.query(queryString);
for(SObject parentRecord : queryParentObject){
    Object ParentFieldValue1 = parentRecord.get('parentField1');
    for(SObject childRecord : parentRecord.getSObjects('ChildObjectName')){
        Object ChildFieldValue1 = childRecord.get('Child_FieldName1');
        Object ChildFieldValue2 = childRecord.get('Child_FieldName2');
    system.debug('Result: Parent value: '+ParentFieldValue1+'. First child field value: '+ChildFieldValue1);

Few objects (Inner query)

Set<ID> ids = new Set<ID>();
for (Case c : [Select Contact.AccountId From Case c]) {
for (Account acc : [SELECT (SELECT Name From Assets) From Account WHERE Id IN :ids]) {
    for (Asset ass : acc.Assets) {

Three Objects

Select id, name, (select id, firstname, lastname from contacts) from account where id in (select accountid from opportunity where id = '0063000000NHnfIAAT')

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